KAAF is a Tehran-based non profit art institution founded in Autumn 2013.

As a non-for-profit art institute, KAAF is committed to promoting the development and practice of contemporary art, pioneering experimental art in Iran , and promoting international artist exchange and project implementation in Iran .

The main focus of KAAF is to support the creation, presentation and documentation of contemporary art, specifically the projects that are experimental and challenging for emerging and under-recognized artists and curators of all ages.

KAAF provides an array of creative supports through short and long term residency programs, studio spaces, exhibition program and serving the needs of artists.

The residency program's purpose is to invite artists working in various mediums to work in KAAF for a short period of time, exploring possibilities of expressions, and strengthening communications between local and international artists.

KAAF is determined to bridge the gap between Iranian sociocultural trends and those happening in the outside world.

KAAF's mission is the advancement of Iran Contemporary Art.